Tangis Pancasila Atas Kemerosotan Moral Generasi Muda Bangsa

  • Nurul Izzati Universitas Pendididikan Indonesia Kampus Daerah Cibiru
Keywords: KEYWORDS: Globalization, Pancasila, Youth generation.


Globalization will never stop. Globalization is now starting to affect society, especially for the youth generation. Various impacts have been caused by globalization, including negative ones. The youth generation is damaged due to the impact of globalization. Laziness, lies, crime, moral decline, and even many other negative things arise from globalization. If it can say, Pancasila is now crying. The five precepts on which behavior, rules, and guidelines for the life of the Indonesian people are now being forgotten. The ideals that had been hoped for by the heroes who fought for the word 'independence' were dashed. The youth generation is now being colonized again, colonization of the mind. The sublime meaning contained in Pancasila is no longer implanted in every soul of the next generation of life. Pancasila cries seeing the fading of the meaning contained in her is no longer appreciated. Therefore, this study aims to restore the existence of Pancasila to the youth generation. Reminded that Pancasila is the main key as well as a protective shield from problems arising from the negative impact of globalization in our beloved country. Pancasila as a view of life as a nation and state. This research study uses a qualitative method or a descriptive approach where the theory or basis of discussion is obtained from the results of literature studies with various sources such as books, journals, and scientific articles. This method is used to find the truth in a fact that occurs and focuses on social phenomena that occur in society, especially in the souls of the youth generation.