Peer Review Processing

        Jurnal Mahasiswa Sistem Informasi has the following review policy:

  1. Every incoming paper will be checked using web check plagiarism (Turnitin) and grammar, for articles in English using, while for Indonesian language articles follow PUEBI (Pedoman Umum Ejaan Bahasa Indonesia).
  2. Articles to be published are articles which have a level of similarity of less than 20% overall, or a maximum of 3% per cited/quoted source. Article similarities will check using the Turnitin application.
  3. Every incoming paper will go through a review process.
  4. The review process uses blind peer review.
  5. In the review process, reviewers give consideration related to the novelty, scientific impact, conclusions and references used.
  6. Acceptance of an article by the Editor depends on the novelty of the research, the significance of the article, the correctness of the content, the level of originality, clarity of description, and compliance with the journal's objectives.
  7. If the review process requires a revision, it will be informed to the author on the web and via email.
  8. The revised results will be reviewed again, if they meet the requirements will be published.