(Studi Komunikasi Tentang Kecerdasan Kepribadian Seorang Da’i dalam Komunikasi Interpersonal Dakwah)

  • Fatimatu Rahmah Universitas Muhammadiyah Metro
Keywords: Communication, Da'wah, STIFIn


The author gives the title of this thesis "Interpersonal Communication in
STIFIn-Based Da'wah", communication is the process of delivering messages by
communicators to communicants through media which have certain consequences.
Whereas in a communication there are several types of communication, including
interpersonal communication, the meaning is communication that is done to
oneself, which is done intentionally or unintentionally.
Interpersonal communication is often used in the da'wah process, because by
using interpersonal communication, the message of da'wah can be conveyed
effectively. In preaching, it should pay attention to the conditions of the
communicants so that the message of da'wah can be received well, so that the
authors analyze how interpersonal communication in STIFIn-based da'wah.
Because in the STIFIn concept, the communicant can see how the state of mind of
a communicant is so that the communicator can choose material that is balanced
with the way of thinking of each recipient of the message.
To fulfill the theoretical basis of the appropriate literature review, the author
describes the definitions, patterns and methods of interpersonal communication in
STIFIn-based da'wah.
The author conducts library research or what is called library research because it
is not possible to conduct direct or field research.
In this writing, the writer uses the method of writing literature or searching
for sources and data by looking at documents, or books related to interpersonal communication, preaching and STIFIn concepts as well as articles related to what
the author is researching.
Based on the research that the author has done, that interpersonal
communication in STIFIn-based da'wah is a method of how a communicator
conveys his message to a communicant with the interpersonal communication
method and sees the quality of the way of thinking of a communicant to receive his
da'wah message with the STIFIn concept which is done by scanning the tip fingers
to see the personality of each individual, so that the message can be received well
and the process of da'wah can be carried out effectively.